Our Systematic Approach to Effective Law Firm Marketing...

In less than 3  minutes we can tell you how our law firm marketing campaigns work.  Watch the short video as our Managing Partner gives you a detailed overview of what you can expect when working with LegalFuze.

If you are currently paying for SEO, you should know what you are paying for each month and how well it is working. If you feel uneasy about your current provider, there's probably a good reason.

Contact us and we can review your current SEO and determine how much has been done.



Website designs starting at...


  • ‍Responsive design adapts to 
    any device screen size
  • HTML5 and CSS3 coding, 
    no proprietary lock in.
  • You own your website and domain

Monthly SEO / PPC starting at...


  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Syndication
  • Relevant, authoritative back links
  • Local Google Maps rankings
  • Customized for competitive areas

Monthly Hosting / Support starting at...


  • Fast and secure servers
  • Platform updates and security issues
  • Simple changes to your website
  • Quick response times



Future Proof Your Law Firm's Website.


Having a great website won't mean much if no one finds it on Google for your most important search phrases.


It's no longer an option according to Google. Have a mobile ready website or be pushed down in rankings.


We have designed and published hundreds of great websites for local businesses all over the country.


Great images on your website make an impact. Look professional without sacrificing website speed.


Digital Marketing to Expand Your Firm's Reach Online.


Google loves fresh and relevant content and rewards sites that regularly publish great content.  Our team of professional writers ensure you are leveraging great content to increase rankings.


Connect with your potential clients as we expand your brand on the major social platforms.  Let your content work for you by leveraging social media to position your firm as the experts.


Placing highly in Google's maps is critical to law firms serving a defined geography.  You must rank in the top 3 maps listings for searches with local intent. We can make this happen.


If you are not getting quality links from relevant and authoritative websites, your site is falling behind in the rankings.  We ensure you are earning these links each month in a safe manner.


Transparency - Understand your marketing campaigns

We treat our Law Firm Clients as partners. We share what we are doing, how, and why. You will know what you are funding and the details of your campaign, as much or as little as you prefer.

You will deal directly with our senior management team when there are questions, not the "rep of the week" you may have had to deal with in the past with other agencies.

Accountability - Know exactly what you are paying for

We track our activity monthly based on guaranteed labor hours. We record our efforts down to 15 minute increments and keep detailed records of all campaign activities.  

We send monthly reports with an easy to understand overview so you can quickly check our progress.  You will have confidence your marketing dollars are being well spent.

RESULTS - Determine if your marketing is effective


We've all seen the reporting "slight of hand" that agencies use to try to justify their success. We believe the true measure of our success is how the campaign affects your law firm. In other words, incoming inquiries and opportunities to meet with potential clients that meet your firm's goals. Of course, we have systems to track these results as well.

Are You Getting Value From Your SEO Budget?

Legal SEO 101

We hear it all the time from our potential clients,  I am not sure exactly what we are paying for each month, or if it is even producing results.

Organic (Google’s non-paid search results) SEO can enable effective small law firm web marketing or even single attorneys with a very limited marketing budget compete with even the largest law firms. How do you do that? Simple: set up your own website and make sure you market it well through effective SEO strategies.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process composed of strategies and techniques that systematically give your website a higher chance of being visible in the online world by making sure it appears on the higher ranks of search engines’ search results. You have to reach a wider market online so that prospect clients will get to know there’s an excellent law graduate out there with the equally brilliant services like that of the seniors. The secret is if your website appears on search engines like Google’s search results, the more clients would trust and visit your website.

It is important, though, that the SEO Company you would be hiring to take care of your website is up to date with the latest techniques and strategies. Google, for example, changes its algorithm frequently. While these are just minor changes, Google sometimes surprises the SEO world by creating major changes that dramatically affects the rankings. In the previous years, SEO was all about stuffing keywords on a website’s content to make sure it crawls up in the ranks. However, Google has become wiser now and made sure it triple checks each website to make sure it provides original, trusted and relevant content to the users. How do you do that? Now, that’s the job of your SEO company.

These are some of the latest SEO techniques that we utilize to make sure we provide the most effective SEO plan for our clients:

Legal SEO Website Analysis

Conducting a bi-weekly or a monthly analysis of your website and putting it all in one report will allow you to see trends that will help you plan your overall SEO campaign. Website analysis looks at the trends on your page views, visitors, search results and many others. With this, we provide you with tracking tools to monitor the daily activities in your website. If you want your site to land on the first page of Google’s search results, you can download Google Webmaster Tools, a free product provided by Google, to get a larger and detailed picture of all data in your website. You can also connect it with your Google Analytics account for a more comprehensive analysis.

Here are a few things that we take note of when doing website analysis:

Attorney Websites: Analytics and ROI Tracking

The report on how many visitors went to your site and how often is crucial. It gives you a good view of your target market. This provides you the recurring patterns that go about in your website traffic. By checking the number of visitors that orbited your site, you get to know how well your site is performing and competing with other lawyers’ sites. You get to monitor the gap from how one visitor checks your site to another and also how many times the same visitor checks your site at a specific period of time.

Apart from this, you also get to monitor what they do when they are already navigating their site. The length of visit is crucial, too, as it establishes how your website is able to grab the interest of your visitors. The duration of visit is measured by how many seconds they stayed on the site. Most websites have the highest rate for the 0 to 10 seconds bracket, which is mainly composed of one page views and bounces. It is up to us now on how we’re going to make your visitors stay longer on your site.

Remember that these online visitors are your prospect clients. By getting a concrete grasp of their behavior in your website, you get to adjust your look and content to sustain their interest.

Ranking Your Legal Website for the Most Important Key Phrases

By monitoring what your visitors type in the search box of your website, you get to know the exact information they are looking for. Online visitors type specific keywords to search for information, such as “employment and labor law litigation,” “intellectual property rights,” and “local taxation.”

By checking your site queries, you get to have a sense of what particular legal services people are looking for in your website. When you already rank the topics they are usually curious about, you have to create more content about these on your website.

Law Firm Landing Pages: Reduce Bounce Rates and Increase Conversions

Landing pages that are designed to engage your potential clients are critical to a solid conversion rate and user engagement. We implement a report mechanism that shows the top landing pages that bounce on a higher rate. It’s that one-click-they-land-on-your-page-and-they-click-back-at-once. This report shows that people accidentally landed on your page, and seeing nothing useful on your site, they choose to go back and search other pages. How will you fix it? Check on the page level report and look for the entrance sources and entrance keywords. Usually, the problem is your content gets indexed on searches related to irrelevant keywords. If you check the specific keywords that drive people accidentally to your website, you get to manage your content and make sure that you only put in articles that provide specific and relevant content to your target clients.

Outrank Competing Law Firms: Analyze Their Key Ranking Factors

Aside from monitoring your own website, we also have to monitor your competitors. True enough, there are many law firm websites out there being managed by attorneys and SEO consultants but it is highly suggested that you monitor those among the higher ranked in search engines.

There are many website analytic tools or website analyzers to use when comparing the performance of websites. You just have to input the URL of the sites to start your comparison. Here are a few notes that you have to monitor:

Proper Keyword Usage for Your Legal Practice Areas

You can check online what keywords they rank for and how much traffic these websites are getting with these phrases. If you see the other law firms are getting much traffic from a specific phrase, then that would give you a hint on what people are looking for attorneys’ websites. We can adjust your target keywords based on the analysis.

Link Popularity and Authority is Critical to Ranking Legal Websites

You cannot compete with other websites that use more popular and authoritative back links coming from real websites. As an attorney, you have to establish your website’s credibility and authority; this is done using authoritative and contextually related bank links.

Site Speed is a Key Ranking Factor for Competitive Legal SEO

According to surveys, 40% of Internet users leave a website that takes just three seconds to load. You might be surprised, that one attorney’s site you’ve been competing with has been winning more clients because his site loads faster than yours. You’ve got to analyze the trends on site speeds among you and your competitors’ site. If you see your site scores lower than them, it’s time to talk to your host.

Small Law Firm Marketing via Quality Content

Google is wiser now, and so are the Internet users. Gone are the days when you can just stuff up keywords on an article to drive more hits on your site. Remember that you’ve got to establish excellence in providing legal services and your integrity and transparency. The only way you can drive people to your website is by providing original articles that stand out among other articles in the search engines. Therefore, we create articles that are relevant and close to the heart of your target market. They should be well-written, content, style and grammar-wise.

We hire great writers to come up with quality content. The only way for a writer to do this is to know what your prospect clients need by closely monitoring the website analysis report.

Daily Rank Tracking for Legal Key Phrases

There are many rank trackers available online but most of them usually pull out data every month, when in fact, you can do it weekly. You get to track your probably rank through these tools by coming up with hundreds of possible keywords related to your content. By running these keywords, these tools let you estimate your standing on multiple search engines. In short, with rank trackers, you get an idea of how your website is going to be ranked should people search for these specific keywords. Once we gather all keywords that give you higher chances of visibility, we get to adjust your content with more of these phrases.

Quality Link Development

Link-building involves contacts and connections. You’ve got your website to be linked by other established pages. Imagine your website being mentioned and linked by the National Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, European Company Lawyers Association, CNN, BBC or by the Department of Justice. That will establish your credibility as an attorney. However, as a starting attorney, it will be hard for you to establish links. It is now our job to create excellent articles related to your website and create press releases, submit them to different websites and bloggers and ask them to include your link on your website. We have long established connections with many website owners and bloggers and there’s no doubt link-building is one of our expertise.

Monthly Detailed Organic SEO Task Level Reporting

We provide you a detailed monthly report of how your website fared in the online competition. The report reflects honest and transparent trends and patterns so you’ll be able to sustain the strengths and improve on the weaknesses. It will provide you not only of the statistics and records but also an analysis of the trends on your website. If each monthly report shows progress on your ranking, then it’s safe to say our SEO techniques are working well.

The main secret to promoting your website is by finding the best SEO consultant that will handle your account. Through brilliant and efficient use of these marketing strategies, you get a higher chance of landing on top of search engine results and compete with other established websites of senior attorneys. It may cost you some bucks but promoting your website is your primary step to gaining the trust of your future clients. For quality, effective and affordable SEO services, contact Tim Walker, Lead Developer and SEO Strategist for Legal SEO Pros, a leading SEO firm that caters to the needs of attorneys like you. Our up-to-date and well-thought of strategies will be your guide to fulfilling your dreams of becoming among the most trusted attorneys worldwide. Be one of our satisfied clients that are now enjoying their ranks in multiple search engines because of our transparency and honest reports of their websites’ progress!

"It’s Time for a Change in How Law Firm SEO is Done."

As attorneys you provide a professional service for which you usually bill by the hour, a flat fee, a contingency, or a retainer.  You are also transparent with your clients on how their billing works and exactly what services they can expect for your fees.  While in many cases you cannot guarantee an outcome, you do guarantee your work.

We thought it was time to offer SEO and Digital Marketing services to Law Firms in a similar fashion.  We provide simple and transparent billing agreements, a guaranteed hourly allocation of effort each month to fulfill services, and detailed monthly reporting of our efforts and results.

Our Methodology for Promoting Your Law Firm

"Our SEO program works…because we do.  We provide consistent, measured, targeted effort on your campaign, every month."

Guaranteed Labor Hours

We allocate a specific number of labor hours to your firm’s SEO campaign each month.  Consistent SEO effort promoting your website produces results.

Campaign Management

We have a team of US based project managers that understand what it takes to coordinate and execute a multi-faceted digital marketing campaign.

Monthly Reporting

We provided detailed monthly reporting covering total labor hours efforted, daily ranking updates, and even task level detail. We will even go over the reports with you.

Strategic Consulting

Stop dealing with sales reps only trying to preserve their accounts. We include monthly one-on-one consulting with our corporate management team.

Here's How We Prove our Efforts and Results...

"We treat our clients like partners…meaning we employ an open, transparent methodology that gives our clients confidence in our work for them."

Know what you are paying for…

Detailed Task Reports

Your rankings are based on Google’s algorithm.  As such, there are certain factors common to nearly all websites that rank well. These factors are addressed in our Organic Foundations Campaign.  We give you detailed task level progress reports each month.

Easy to understand site metrics…

Measurable Results

We know that new Clients are the goal.  How do you get there?  We use a simple methodology: Consistent effort towards known ranking factors, yields improved rankings (higher visibility), this brings the visitors, which produces more leads.  We measure and report on this entire process each month.

24/7 access to website rankings…

Daily Rank Tracking

Most SEO agencies report monthly, some weekly, we report daily.  Why? Law Firm marketing is a competitive game and we want you to know the score while the game is in progress, not after it’s all over.  We provide 24/7 access to our Client’s rankings data.  We believe in transparency with our Client/Partners.

Compare your performance…

Competitor Tracking

It’s easy to see what the Big G wants because they show us in their search results.  So, if a competing firm is moving up in the rankings it’s critical to know so you can react to the threat before you are overtaken.  We monitor and report on your key competitors so that we are prepared to close the ranking gap or maintain your lead.

Screenshots from our reporting system


 dan geherin attorney

"...our projects also went extraordinarily smoothly and efficiently. In short, we highly recommend Tim and his company to other attorneys who are looking for an alternative to the "big box" legal website providers. They have delivered on their promises, are price-competitive, and accessible and responsive to any of our website needs."


Benjamin Symko, Attorney 

"...I never doubted it... We are number 1 on page 1 for "social security disability lawyer" in our target areas. Great work gentleman! As I said, I never doubted your ability to bring our website (or any website for that matter) to the forefront of our industry."



"Our firm was in need of a speedy website redesign that would allow us to control the content and be able make regular updates on our own. Tim went above and beyond not only in designing a stunning site, but also in taking the time to teach us how to update and maintain the site. Working with websites and web developers can be intimidating, but you made the entire process – from conception to launch – a breeze."



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